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After School Programs

Our after school programs take place from roughly 3:00-5:00 pm every school day and are an important way to provide extra enrichment for students. It includes 45 minutes of study hall, 30 minutes of PE time, 30 minutes of snack time, and 30 minutes of activity time. 

There are fee-based programs available for students at certain grade levels. Here are a few of our partnerships:

  • Chinese Dance (K-2 Girls)

  • Chinese New Year's Parade (Grades 3-5 Girls)

  • Chess Wizards

  • Code Fu

  • Creative Architecture

  • Piano (Sr. Preschool-Grade 2)

  • Soccer Shots (Sr. Preschool - K)

  • Young Rembrandts

  • CYO Team Sports (dependent on availability of coach and player participation)

    • Co-ed Cross Country

    • Girls Volleyball

    • Boys and Girls Basketball

    • Co-ed Track and Field

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