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For our youngest students (freshman, ages 2-1/2+, junior, ages 3-4 and senior, ages 4-5), our bilingual (English and Cantonese) program on the Silver and Lawton Campuses consists of a unique balance of academics, indoor and outdoor play, creative arts, and character building. We have warm and nurturing teachers with many years of experience educating young children. Our teachers understand the love and reassurance your child needs during the transition from home to a classroom environment for the very first time.

We believe in giving our students a strong foundation from the beginning in preschool. Children are trained to love, cooperate and respect their parents, teachers and others. Alphabets and numbers are introduced with lots of fun activities including music, storytelling, crafts, dance and video clips. They are introduced to the wonderful love of God and how He created the world. Our parents marvel at how much their children learn after attending our preschool.

For more information please contact our Silver site front office (415) 587-7256. 

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