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Grade 2

In second grade, children continue to build on and master what they’ve learned in first grade and begin to develop their analytical and creative abilities. Students are reading and writing without needing to pause to sound out or decode individual words. They write stories and practice other types of writing such as letters and thank you notes. In math, multiplication and unit fractions introduced and connections continue to be made between numbers and concepts such as measurement, temperature, and time. Exploration continues in science and students begin to delve more deeply into topics such as weather, energy, animals, and plants.

Topics covered in grade 2 include:

Language Arts

Phonics and Reading

Review of vowels, consonants, blends, one- and two-vowel words, consonant blends.

Recognition and use of all phonics special sounds in reading.

Spelling rules: doubling consonants, dropping silent e, changing y to i.

Oral reading.

Cursive Writing

Review of letter formation.

Guided creative writing.

Creative writing journal.

Daily practice in all academic areas.

Spelling and Poetry

Weekly phonics-based word list.

Vocabulary words and definitions.

Weekly test.

Reinforcement activities.


Capitalization of first word in a sentence, days of the week, months of the year, special holidays, people, and places.

Correct punctuation at the ends of sentences.

Complete sentences, questions, and exclamations.

Suffixes, prefixes, abbreviations, compound words, rhyming words, synonyms, antonyms, singular and plural words, singular possessive words, and contractions.

Alphabetizing of words and other dictionary skills.

Word usage rules.

Writing complete sentences, questions, exclamations, and short stories.

Writing letters and thank you notes.

Creative writing.



Number recognition, counting, and writing 1-1,000.

Numbers greatest and least 1-1,000.

Counting and writing to 1,000, threes to 36, fours to 48.

Addition facts through 18, column addition, four-digit addition with carrying.

Subtraction facts through 18 and four-digit subtraction with borrowing.

Multiplication facts 0-5.

Division facts 1-5.

Story problems.

Multiple combinations.


Numbers before and after by ones, twos, threes, fours, fives, and tens.

Counting and combining coins and bills.

Telling time to the nearest minute.

English and some metric measures.

Drawing and measuring lines to one-half inch.

Developing listening skills.


Place value to thousands.

Unit fractions.

Reading a thermometer.

Reading pictographs, bar graphs, and line graphs.




Enjoying the Plant World.


Enjoying the Animal World

Health and Human Biology

Enjoying Myself and Others.






Enjoying the Air around Us.




Enjoying Things that Move.


Enjoying Things that Work Together.




Numbers: 21-40

Two younger brothers

Good friends

My toys

I love reading

I can dress myself

Colors (cont.)

Chinese Pinyin

Today is Monday

What time is it?

Stationary - pencil and eraser

My classroom


Big or small - more or less



Recognize and name basic word strokes and order of strokes.

Understand lesson contents and recognize the shape, sound, and meaning of vocabulary words.

Be able to use words in a sentence.

Know Chinese culture.


History and Geography

America, Our Home.

Our Flag.

Our Patriotic Holidays.

Our Songs.

The People Who Built America

The Separatists.

America’s Indians.

The Colonists.

America’s Pioneers.

America’s Cowboys.

The New Americans.

Tomorrow’s American.



Great Lakes.

Fifty States.



This is My America


Memory verses.

Bible doctrine.

Lessons such as Salvation Series, Life of Moses, Joshua, Tabernacle, Judges, Ruth, Jonah.

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