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Welcome to Cornerstone Academy!

Whether you are new to the world of private education or have already experienced the advantages that a school like Cornerstone can offer, we would love to talk with you to see if our safe and nurturing learning environment would be a good fit for you and your child.

Freshman, Junior, and Senior Preschool
For our youngest students (freshman, ages 2-1/2+, junior, ages 3-4 and senior, ages 4-5), our bilingual (English and Cantonese) programs on the Lawton and Silver Campuses consists of a unique balance of academics, indoor and outdoor play, creative arts, and character building. We have warm and nurturing teachers with many years of experience educating young children. Our teachers understand the love and reassurance your child needs during the transition from home to a classroom environment for the very first time. (Click here to sign up for group tour.)

In kindergarten, students begin to have a slightly more structured academic day in preparation for elementary school. Students continue learning in both English and Cantonese, have daily classes in Phonics/Reading, Numbers, Science, Movement, Music, and Bible, and have homework for the first time. We continue to emphasize character building and creativity as we help set the foundation for what we hope will be a lifelong love of learning. (Click here to sign up for group tour.)

Lower School (grades 1-5)
In lower school, the academic day becomes more structured. Students begin to work both independently and in teams. Character building and creativity continue to be emphasized. English is now taught the full day with one period of Chinese each day. Conversational Mandarin is now introduced. Students develop a strong love for reading and understanding of the world around them. Five main areas are now covered: Reading, Writing, Math, Social Studies and Science. They learn to express thoughts and ideas through discussions, oral reports, centers, projects and field trips. Team sports begin in third grade.

Middle School (grades 6-8)
Middle school is a transitional time for most students. With the onset of puberty, students are going through developmental changes both physically and socially. Academically, courses become richer and students have the opportunity to delve more deeply into topics. While they are still learning fundamentals, they are also preparing for the more rigorous study of high school.


We shall process your admission and update you with our final decision within 60 days of receiving payment and all documentation.

The PDF version of our school brochure is now available for download. 

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