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Mission Statement

Cornerstone Academy’s mission has three facets:

  • To guide students toward excellence in academic, social, physical, and spiritual development based on Christian principles.

  • To prepare students for productive lives as responsible citizens in a free and competitive society.

  • To create and develop a community of mutual support comprised of the School, the students’ families, and Cornerstone Evangelical Baptist Church.

Educational Philosophy

We believe strongly in a balanced and comprehensive education encompassing the academic, social, spiritual, and physical aspects of students’ lives. 

Academically, our curriculum and recommended course of study exceed the minimum requirements of most major colleges and universities. Technology is incorporated into the curriculum to prepare students for today’s digital world. 

Socially, students are encouraged to form healthy relationships with their parents, teachers, and peers. Students are also taught to be respectful to all people they may cross paths with in the world.

Spiritually, we provide students with a Christian education through classes that broaden their understanding of the Bible and the role it plays in their lives. The school’s connection to the Cornerstone Evangelical Baptist Church gives students additional opportunities for fellowship and service.

Physically, students learn about fitness, nutrition, and health through regular physical education classes. Sportsmanship and competition can be experienced by participating in team sports starting in third grade.

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