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Kindergarten is when students begin to have a slightly more structured academic day in preparation for elementary school. Students learn in both English and Cantonese and have daily classes in Phonics/Reading, Numbers, Science, Movement, Music, and Bible. Character building and creativity are emphasized as we help set the foundation for what we hope will be a lifelong love of learning.

Subject areas covered in kindergarten include:

Phonics / Reading


Blend ladders.

Simple words.

Color words.

Short and long vowels

Reading groups.

Individual reading.



Number recognition, counting, and writing 1-100.

Greatest and least.

Counting and writing by tens, fives, and twos.

Addition and subtraction clocks.


Number words.



What is science?

The five senses.


The seasons.



Seeds and plants.




Social Studies

This course allows students to learn more about God’s people, those who live near and far, and their unique roles in the different communities they live in. Famous Americans in history, important historical events, symbols and landmarks will also be introduced. Students will learn about the state and country they live in as well as the culture of people who live in different countries. This course also teaches basic map skills, how to identify and locate continents and directions on a compass rose.



Body awareness.

Jump / hop / skip / run / gallop.

Animal walks.

Relay races.

Good Student.

Dances from different countries.

Rolling, throwing, catching, passing over and under.



Listening skills.

Tempo, dynamics, and register.

Songs about our country.

Songs from different countries.

Christmas and Easter songs.



Lessons such as Creation, Faith, Obedience, Salvation, Parables, Jesus, God’s Love.

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