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Student Learner Outcomes

Teacher expectations impact student learning. Our instructional program not only sets high standards, but also recognizes student diversity in learning styles and rate of achievement. We help students reach their highest potentials by making explicit intended outcomes of the course work, delineating the building blocks to reach those outcomes, consistently assessing student progress towards the outcomes, and providing personalized assistance as needed.

As such, we have codified our expectations in our Student Learner Outcomes:

To guide students toward excellence in academic, social, physical, and spiritual development based on Christian principles.

Students will have the skills and knowledge to undertake an academic curriculum. As students exit Cornerstone Academy, we expect that they will be equipped to succeed in any career or life choice they make.

They will be able to:

  • read and write effectively;

  • locate, process, and display information;

  • communicate effectively;

  • apply and utilize mathematical skills and ideas;

  • utilize technology to access information;

  • think logically, creatively, critically, and inferentially;

  • distinguish between fact and opinion; and

  • express feelings and thoughts through the arts.

They will know:

  • foundational statements (including the Pledges of Allegiance to the U.S. and Christian flags and the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution);

  • cultures and ideas of people, past and present; and

  • scientific and technical information.

Students will communicate and relate to others in the spirit of Christian love and cooperation.

They will accept the need for and attempt to:

  • work cooperatively with others;

  • respect and empathize with those who are different (including differences of gender, ethnicity, ability, appearance, and belief); and

  • serve others with spiritual gifts, talents, and/or leadership.

Students will develop physical fitness and good health.

They will:

  • know the effects of nutrition, disease, and activity on their bodies;

  • understand and accept the changes occurring in their bodies (including the Christian perspective on sexual development); and

  • participate in a variety of physical activities.

Students will understand and live by Christian principles.

They will:

  • know important Biblical history, commandments, and people;

  • attempt to apply Biblical truth in daily life;

  • seek to understand the consequences of choices they make;

  • see the need for personal commitment to Christ;

  • recognize Christ as a real-life historical person; and

  • acknowledge God’s mighty works.

To prepare students for productive lives as responsible citizens in a free and competitive society.

Students will act in a responsible manner toward members of the school and larger community.

As students exit Cornerstone Academy, we expect that they will be in the process of becoming:

  • confident and accepting of their own and others’ strengths and weaknesses;

  • responsible decision-makers who can deal with difficulties;

  • lifelong learners;

  • participants in social, political, religious, and/or cultural arenas;

  • enthusiastic, persevering workers who demonstrate integrity and purpose; and

  • realistic and positive in setting goals and assessing growth toward excellence.

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